Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between my Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Conventional Family Doctor?

NDs undergo similar medical training as your family doctor and both are considered primary health care providers.  NDs use similar physical exams and laboratory tests and recognize the same signs and symptoms as conventional family doctors do. The main difference between an ND and a conventional family doctor is the philosophy of care and the treatment options that are available to you. NDs strive to identify and reverse the underlying causes of your health concerns using gentle, safe therapies that restore your natural ability to heal and support your journey toward lifelong optimal health. 

Is Naturopathic Medicine covered by OHIP?

Currently in Ontario, naturopathic medical care is not covered by OHIP.  However, the good news is most major health insurance carriers provide coverage options for Naturopathic visits.  Please check your individual insurance plan details to determine the extent of your coverage.

Are the labs I order from my ND covered by OHIP?

Laboratory tests ordered by your ND are not covered by OHIP.  If finances are an issue, your ND will often refer you to your family doctor to perform the required tests which are covered by OHIP.