Preparing for your Initial visit

Your Naturopathic Doctor will consider many aspects of your health history in detail in order to provide you with high-quality care. An initial intake form is required to be filled out before you go in to see the doctor.  This form will be on a clipboard with your name on it in the reception area next to Dr. Go’s office when you arrive at your first appointment. It will take approximately 15 minutes to fill out.

Please bring the following items to your first appointment to fill out the form:

   1.  A copy of any lab work (e.g. blood work, imaging reports) from the past year if available
   2.  Any medications or supplements that you are currently taking, specifying the dose, brand and when you started taking them OR bring a copy of this information on paper
   3. Vaccination schedule for children
   4. The name and contact of your family doctor and any specialists that has been involved in your healthcare.

If you would like to see the form you will be filling out prior to the visit, the Naturopathic Intake Forms (Adult/Adolescent and Child) are available in downloadable format under “Patient Resources”.